About Likno Software


Likno Software is a leading software development company based in Athens, Greece. Since the year 2000, Likno Software has established itself in the international community of web developers as an expert in Web and JavaScript technology through its software and services.

Now we also expand to the quickly rising E-learning market and offer a powerful tool for training people or managing human resources either for companies or organizations.


Mission statement

We aim to offer innovative software and services that stand by the real meaning of user friendliness.

Staff & Technology

Likno Software is using cutting-edge technology and is up-to-date with all recent evolutions and developments in software technology. Our staff members carry a long experience in software development and e-business technologies, receive constant training and are always eager to apply their novel ideas to our products and services.

For more company info visit us at http://www.likno.com/aboutus.html


What does "Likno" stand for?

"Likno" is an ancient Greek word meaning "Cradle". It signifies the fresh and innovative attitude we share about software development and technology.