Likno eLearning LMS - Educational Edition Features


Likno eLearning LMS is a fully flexible eLearning 2.0 system capable of fullfiling almost all of your learning needs.

We are dedicated on improving and extending this edition of Likno eLearning LMS for the years to come together with the best possible support for users. The main features of this edition are as follows:


User Management

Full support for managing users. Custom user roles can be created depending on your needs

Progress Tracking

Several visual indications guide the user through the lesson and his current progress

Lessons, Courses and Categories

Organize lessons at multiple conceptual levels called categories. Bundle several lessons inside a course


Out-of-the-box Likno eLearning LMS includes support for forum, chat, calendar, personal messages, file sharing and user-comments on topics

Content Editors

Likno eLearning LMS includes a flexible visual content editor and internal support for pictures, sound, video, flash or java


All glossary items are silently merged with the real content

File Manager & Digital Library

Upload, organize, use and share files with any other system user


Build and issue your own certifications

Test Builders

Create tests by assembling questions from a question pool. Several types of questions can be created, used and re-used

Customization and Usability

Drag and drop components, select a new theme or the active components for your lesson. Likno eLearning LMS is an elegant and flexible solution that does not look outdated

Scorm Support

Likno eLearning LMS is a SCORM compatible and certified platform. SCORM content can be imported or exported from the system


Search for anything, anyone and anywhere inside the system


Assign projects with deadlines to end-users and track their progress


Unicode support and full language administration module. Adding a new language is easy!


Create, share and analyze responses from people inside or outside your organization


The administrator is still a human. Likno eLearning LMS puts the same special care on his interface as well.


Do you like high-level reports or you prefer a more detailed specific user or lesson info. Everything is included!

Security and Access Control

Features like LDAP support or ip restriction helps building a secure and open system

Access Rules

Restrict or guide the users through the content


Want more? Likno eLearning LMS can be expanded using small, or not that small, functional components called Modules!


Likno eLearning LMS uses current web technologies to ensure an excellent user-experience.

Skill Gap Tests

Identify the skills that your people lack and personalize their training paths

Note! The above are also supported by the Enterprise Edition, which contains these features PLUS additional advanced features.

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