Professional Services

In addition to Likno eLearning LMS we offer a full range of professional services with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of our clients.


Our professional services include the following:


Custom Modules & Extensions Development – We willingly undertake custom development for features or modules of Likno eLearning LMS. In response to a specific request we will work with the customer to develop or enhance particular features that the customer desires but are not currently present in the product. We constantly deliver the highest quality of work, on time and within budget.

Training & Mentoring Services - We offer comprehensive instructor-led training sessions for our systems via the web.

Installation & Configuration Services – We can provide complete installation and configuration services for your Likno eLearning LMS software. We can assist you as customer in getting your new software system up and running quickly without disrupting your business or draining your internal resources. Our experienced professionals will identify and resolve common installation and security issues, suggest optimal tuning parameters for the system, and do everything else necessary to ensure that the application is functioning optimally.

Support & Consulting Services – We provide reliable, timely and quality technical support to client inquiries in regard to software issues. Learner/Technical Support is available by e-mail and telephone. When required (based on the technical support incident), a Technical Support Engineer may make use of other tools such as Web Conferencing, Chats, Discussion Forums and File Sharing to provide support.


For additional information on any of our services and how we can customize them to deliver the right tailored solution for you, please feel free to contact us at


Need to customize your Likno eLearning LMS?

Get 5 hours of prepaid technical support for anything regarding your Likno eLearning LMS environment for a small 40€/hour fee.


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