User Management


The user management is done through the Administration's interface. It involves the management of users, the assignment of lessons/courses to users and the creation of new types of users. Likno eLearning LMS supports three basic types of users: Student, Professor and Administrator. A user must have a basic role but he can also have different roles per lesson. This allows for example a user to be student for one lesson and professor for another. Except the three basic roles, Likno eLearning LMS allows to create different descendant roles withe fewer permissions. This allows to create a "guest" role for example, that cannot send messages to forum or see the lesson's content. With Likno eLearning LMS you can control the fields on the user registration form. For example you can add a custom field about the sex of the new user or the country of origin.



Snapshot: User registration form


Snapshot: Definition of a descendant user role



Snapshot: Additional profile fields can be created