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Do you need a simple, easy to use, flexible and scalable web-based training system?

If so, then you have come to the right place!

Through Likno eLearning LMS's cutting-edge technology you will be able to easily create courses, lessons, surveys, projects, and tests, as well as keep track of people's progress, create reports and schedules, and much more!

More and more businesses (and not only!) are turning to e-learning software management systems, especially web-based LMS applications in order to manage personnel, partners, suppliers, etc. in the most effective way. As such we aim to make online e-learning and training easy and simple so that you can focus on the real tasks at hand. Easy-to-use yet sophisticated, Likno eLearning LMS empower you to design, create, track and manage your own online courses and training.

Likno eLearning LMS takes you through the process of exploring, creating, enhancing and implementing your training needs and helps your organization be more efficient and productive.


User Friendly, Professional eLearning Management System

Easy to use

We created Likno eLearning LMS with the end user in mind - User-friendliness with advanced capabilities makes this tool not only a time saver, but a result giver!


Interface is the front force of any system or program, and as such we invested a lot of time in making the use of Likno eLearning LMS as pleasant and clear cut as possible, for your convenience.

Cutting-edge Technology

Likno eLearning LMS is an Object-oriented, Ajax powered, Unicode, LDAP and SCORM supporting, multilingual eLearning platform.

Pedagogical concepts

Integrated to Likno eLearning LMS are sound pedagogical concepts that guide users and keep them motivated. Applying pedagogical concepts and following standards at design time simplifies putting materials online. Interactivity and multimedia objects are needed in course implementation to illustrate the learning material needed to be addressed and making learning, a bit more fun!.


Likno eLearning LMS includes a wide variety of components that help you create your lesson structure and add content, build online-tests, communicate with others, track users history and progress, conduct surveys, assign projects, and create certifications. And this list just scratches the surface of the system.

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    • Likno Software releases its new e-Learning Management System - Likno eLearning LMS.

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